Patrick Lockhart


Patrick Lockhart


Patrick Lockhart was born and raised in Monte Vista, Colorado. Upon his graduation from Monte Vista High School in 1977 he worked at the family furniture store for the next 19 years. He married his wife Julie, also a native of Monte Vista, in 1982. The Lockhart's have one son, Jeff. The Lockhart's have two granddaughters, Raelynn and Adaline.

In March 1985, by the sovereign grace of God, Patrick surrendered his life to Christ. It was not until September 1995 that Patrick surrendered to the gospel ministry. Brother Pat holds two Theology degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. Before arriving to Granby Baptist Church in May 2010, the Lockhart's had previously served the Lord at Jermyn (pronounced German) Baptist Church in Jermyn, Texas and Lynn Gardens Baptist Church in Pueblo, Colorado.

Brother Pat has a passion for preaching and teaching the truth of God's Word. He believes in the sufficiency and authority of God's Word. God's Word always achieves the purpose for which it is sent forth cf. Isaiah 55:11. Expository preaching expounds upon this. 

Brother Pat enjoys spending time with his wife, son, and granddaughters, reading and studying the Bible, reading theological books, playing the guitar, and playing an occasional round of golf.

  May 2023  
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